First Give

Supporting young people to learn about giving and take action to make a positive change in society

First Give is proud to be a Pears Partner and has benefited in so many ways from the multi-faceted support of Pears Foundation. This support has meant that since 2014, we’ve been able to reach ever increasing numbers of young people across England and Wales every year, supporting them to make a positive difference to the causes they care about through social action and giving in all its forms.
Louisa Searle, Director
First Give
I don't think there could be anything more important to society than embedding a culture of altruism and sense of community in young people. Lessons instilled in them through rewarding and interactive activities with a real result will stay with them. It gives a vital dimension to tomorrow’s leaders, whatever field they choose to work in.
Sir Trevor Pears CMG

Partner since: 2014

Funding invested: £1.8million

  • Core: Unrestricted funding

Pears Foundation is a founding funder of First Give, an organisation that contributes to building a culture of giving in the UK.

Like Pears Foundation, First Give believes in young people and their potential to make a positive contribution to society. Working in partnership with secondary schools, the organisation encourages young people to identify the social issues they care about and to engage with the local charities that address them. The vision is simple: a generation of motivated young people applying their skills to make the world they live in better.

First Give centres on a course of eight lessons, run across an entire year group and taught in curriculum time as an interactive, student-led and fully resourced programme. Students begin by studying the social issues that exist within their community, and are guided through research and investigation to deepen their knowledge of the issues and the local charities that exist to address them. Students then complete social action projects (fundraising, awareness raising or volunteering) to support their charity. Students then have the opportunity to compete for £1,000 of grant money by advocating for their charity in a school competition.

The programme helps students to develop and improve presentation, teamwork, organisational and leadership skills, and ensures that schools are engaged with their local communities and play an active role.