Who we are

About Us

We’re an independent, British family foundation, rooted in Jewish values. We promote understanding of key issues through research and education programmes; we drive engagement in social progress across the UK and globally, particularly in young people, and we support organisations focused on wellbeing for everyone, especially those with a tough challenge to face.

No Restrictions

There’s no restriction on what we invest in and we’re not afraid to fund things that others might shy away from, including core operating costs and experimental ideas that may not work.


Relationships are at the heart of everything we do.

Active Role

We’re not just about the money; we play a very active role in supporting our partners while they develop and we stay with them for the long term.

Simple formula

Overall it’s a simple formula: understand the issues, engage people in helping and ultimately promote wellbeing for everyone.

Our history

Pears Foundation was established by Mark, Trevor and David Pears, all of whom serve as its Trustees. Their purpose was to apply some of the resources of their family’s business, the William Pears Group, to fund organisations and projects working to deliver progress on key issues affecting the wellbeing of people in the UK and all over the world.

Sir Trevor Pears is the Foundation’s full time Executive Chair; he continues his involvement in the family business but his primary professional role is to lead the Foundation and develop the Pears family’s philanthropy.

Our mission

We will commit the resources of our founders and the energy of our team to making people’s lives better, wherever and however we can.

We will facilitate thought leadership, research and collaboration to promote genuine advances in the understanding of complex issues.

We will drive engagement, offering guidance and motivation to bring more people to active citizenship, whatever their background and whatever the role they are able to play.

We will focus, not on our activities, or ourselves but on the impact we and our partners can have on the people who most need us and their long-term wellbeing.

We will act in all our endeavours with the passion, professionalism and integrity that our partners deserve, ultimately creating a lasting legacy of effective philanthropy for our family, our staff and our community.

Our vision

Pears Foundation will be a transformative force, working for social justice through effective philanthropy.

Empowering a global community of organisations and individuals, providing leadership and resources to break down the barriers to progress.

Inspiring others to engage and multiplying our impact by fostering the next generation of active citizens.

Creating spaces for passionate people to develop their ideas and apply their talents for the good of everyone.

Our values


We are united by an urgent drive to deliver real change. We share a deep commitment to, and enthusiasm for, our partners and the causes we care about.


We approach philanthropy with an optimistic realism and our team is dedicated to learning and improving. We expect professionalism from our partners and will support them to be effective in their fields.


We will always provide the funding and support that is most needed. Whether it’s core funding or high risk projects; we will be there for real, not for show. Our relationships are built on trust and commitments and all of our partners are entitled to honesty, transparency and fair dealing.