Our philosophy is...

For us, ‘commitment’ comes first. You’ve got to decide you want to get more involved - that you’re going to make a commitment of time as well as money; a commitment to going on a journey with a project or charity. Once you do that, the learning comes. My learning, and our team’s learning, is refined on a daily and weekly basis in terms of how we operate, who we work with and what we do - it’s a continual, evolving process.
Sir Trevor Pears CMG

We believe that thoughtful and effective philanthropy is about creating spaces

Relational Funding

Our grant managers work closely with our grantees to understand the contexts in which they work and their needs and challenges. We believe strongly in long-term, core funding which enables us to build relationships that develop over time and respond to changes in circumstances.

Many of the organisations with which we work have received support for five, or even ten years.

You can read more about our approach to relationships and learning here.

Beyond grants

We are committed to learning from our individual grants and grant programmes and to supporting our partners to reflect on their work, learn and develop. In addition to financial support and the grant manager relationship, we offer a professional development programme for all our Pears partners, working closely with our partners to identify the issues they would like to explore.

The programme is a mixture of reflective workshops that focus on skills for teamwork, problem-solving and leadership and ‘lunch and learns’ with guest speakers. We also offer tailored training or consultancy support to individual organisations.