Supporting organisations to do what they do well

Because we invest our emotion and interest in organisations we support, we build a real relationship, a proper, deep relationship that is forged over time around issues of mutual interest.

Sir Trevor Pears CMG


Positive change begins with the ability to understand the causes and effects of an issue. Pears Foundation is committed to promoting understanding through investment in education, research and policy work.


Before we can make any impact on the issues we understand to be important, we have to plug in and switch on. If we’re to have the lasting effect we want to have on the world around us, we must make a commitment to act, and encourage the same in others. With a particular emphasis on young people, Pears Foundation is constantly exploring ways to get people engaged in active citizenship.


Everyone has a right to a fulfilling life, whatever their circumstances. This is never more true than when they face adversity. From children growing up in difficult circumstances to families supporting loved ones in the late stages of life, their wellbeing is always of the utmost importance. Pears Foundation works with organisations deeply committed to improving and sustaining quality of life.

Scout Association

Due to the partnership approach that Pears Foundation has as a funder, and the importance they place upon ‘learning’ and providing the space to try new things, the Pears Project has produced results beyond our expectations and is helping to shape our growth strategy and our processes across the whole of the UK.
Ben Powlesland, Pears Project Manager,
Scout Association

Pears Scholars

It would not be an overstatement to claim that Pears has made a significant impact on public health in Africa and the world at large. Through its support of the unique alumni network, Pears has guaranteed that public health professionals remain mutually connected, maintain contact with their academic.
Prof. Ora Paltiel, Director,
International MPH Programme

Ambitious about Autism

Pears Foundation have been true partners to Ambitious about Autism over many years, providing an excellent sounding board and being a critical friend. They have been prepared to support us at the beginning of new ventures and encouraged others to get involved too.
Jolanta Lasota, Chief Executive,
Ambitious about Autism

The Linking Network

Pears Foundation’s generous practical support has made a huge difference to the Linking Network. Their commitment in providing long term unrestricted core funding, especially at a pivotal moment, gave us the confidence and space to develop our work.
Meg Henry and Linda Cowie,

We believe that thoughtful and effective philanthropy is about creating spaces

Our philosophy is...

For us, ‘commitment’ comes first. You’ve got to decide you want to get more involved - that you’re going to make a commitment of time as well as money; a commitment to going on a journey with a project or charity. Once you do that, the learning comes. My learning, and our team’s learning, is refined on a daily and weekly basis in terms of how we operate, who we work with and what we do - it’s a continual, evolving process.
Sir Trevor Pears CMG

We believe in long-term core funding

Since 2009 the Foundation has given over £60m in core and unrestricted funding grants to cover our partners’ essential operating costs.

70% of our current partner organisations have received funding for five or more consecutive years and over half of these have received funding for ten or more consecutive years.