The following case studies illustrate the breadth and depth of our partnerships and represent just a small sample of a diverse and varied programme of funding.

School-Home Support

We very much value the support of the Pears Foundation, particularly in providing unrestricted funding which we are able to use towards our core costs. As one of our key partners they understand what we do and the context in which we are working, meaning they are also able to help us by at times anticipating our funding needs and where we may need extra support. While holding us to account they don't make us jump through complicated hoops to secure or renew funding - meaning we can concentrate on delivery of services to families in need. Thank you Pears!
Jaine Stannard, Chief Executive
Investment in core functions is essential for any organisation to be resilient, responsive and to grow. We have supported School-Home Support with unrestricted core funding since 2012,so that they can continue to provide the best possible interventions to help children learn and thrive.
Kari Holtung, Programme Director

Children with serious challenges at home don’t go into the classroom on a level playing field with their peers. That is if they attend at all – across England, one in nine children and young people are persistently absent from school, missing weeks, months and even years of their education, severely affecting their future life chances. And it’s not just their future that is at risk: children not in school are more vulnerable to becoming involved in dangerous behaviours like gang activity, drugs or alcohol.

School-Home Support (SHS) works to bring children back to school, ready to learn. This means tackling deep seated challenges no child should have to deal with, but which for too many children create significant barriers to learning. Partnering with schools, local authorities and communities, SHS’s expert practitioners support families to address complex problems, from housing or benefits issues, to improving damaged family relationships and enhancing parenting skills.

SHS practitioners are often the one consistent, reliable source of support for families who have dealt with multiple professionals with varying success. They are trained to build trust with families who are initially hostile to school and authority figures, and to provide joined-up support alongside community services and agencies so that families get the specialised support they need. The aim is not only to help families out of the immediate crisis, but to build more resilient and self-reliant families who feel ready to reconnect with the school community, ensuring their children’s education is prioritised.

From their base in London and Kent, SHS have recently expanded to Bradford, Blackpool and Manchester.

As part of our work to reduce barriers to participation, Pears Foundation has provided over £400,000 core funding for SHS since 2012, giving the charity much needed additional capacity during a period when austerity measures have presented challenges for schools and for children’s wellbeing. These were further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic during which SHS’s practitioners supported some of the country’s most vulnerable families, from arranging for emergency food parcels to conducting welfare checks to supporting parents with home schooling, behaviour management and their own mental health challenges.