Bridget Kohner

Deputy Director


Bridget joined Pears Foundation in 2013 and, as Deputy Director, holds responsibility for a variety of programmes and partners, alongside supporting the Director and Executive Chair in matters of strategic planning. She is currently leading on the Foundation's work in Youth Social Action and manages key partnerships around the theme of understanding and encouraging philanthropy, including the Association of Charitable Foundations' Foundations Giving Trends series.

Pears Foundation’s firm commitment to its core values gives me the freedom to work with exciting and innovative organisations across a huge range of sectors and regions; whether it's Scouting in Bristol, integrated education in Belfast or community cohesion in Bradford. All these partnerships, that might initially appear so different, are all linked through the Foundation’s values and approach, allowing them to interact in the most unexpected ways. I love it when a visit to Girlguiding in Essex sparks an idea for our Philanthropy Fellowship at the University of Kent. Or when a Community Foundation in Wales event provides a possible template for an interfaith summit in London.

Bridget’s background is in the Heritage sector, graduating with a first-class degree in History from the University of Cambridge in 2005 and starting her career at the Horniman Museum. She remains deeply interested in the role our understanding of the past plays in shaping our future.

The team views Bridget as highly intelligent, practical and effective. Her good humour and sense of fun are a perfect balance to the focus and efficiency she brings to the projects she manages.