A big day for Pears Foundation!

Pears Foundation celebrates Amy Braier’s JJ Greenberg Award and 10 years of Jhub!

16th March 2018

Congratulations to our Director Amy Braier who was awarded the JJ Greenberg Memorial Award yesterday, which honours foundation professionals engaged in grantmaking, 40 and under, who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in the Jewish community. Amy said: ‘I’m both thrilled and humbled to have been chosen to receive this award. Sir Trevor’s vision for a confident, outward-looking Jewish community, defining itself rather than being defined by others, and making a positive contribution to the word has been my inspiration for more than a decade and from the moment I met him I knew I wanted to be a part of making it a reality. It has been a joy and privilege to help him and his brothers build Pears Foundation and both work with, and learn from, the best colleagues and grantees that the voluntary sector has to offer.’

We were equally proud to end the day with an event to celebrate 10 years of our operating programme JHub. The evening included a special live recording of three JDOV talks by Chana Katzen (CEO of Jewish Interactive), David Davidi-Brown (CEO of UJS) and Sir Trevor Pears. Founded 10 years ago in order to nurture and grow social action organisations for the British Jewish community, JHub has provided a vibrant physical space for these organisations to work, meet and learn and continues to promote and support a confident, outward-looking, inclusive British Jewish community.

Sir Trevor Pears said: “JHub’s first decade supported numerous organisations through tremendous growth and change. As we enter our second decade, we are delighted that JHub, too, will grow and adapt, in order to continue making a contribution to the larger vision of Pears Foundation: creating spaces and fostering understanding, engagement and wellbeing.”

JHub Director, Shoshana Boyd Gelfand said: “Pears Foundation is proud to support a wide range of causes and I am delighted that today provided two very special occasions to celebrate and articulate the Jewish values that underpin our work.”