Zoom fatigue? – Skills for keeping virtual meetings engaging

On: 21st October 2020: 10:00 - 11:15

At: Zoom

At some point in the future, we may be able to sit in a meeting room like we did in the olden days. But even if or when that happens, virtual meetings are here to stay. But that doesn’t mean we have to resign ourselves to mind-numbing Zoom meetings. There are all sorts of simple techniques that can help you to engage your team to have productive and energising meetings.

These workshops will be small so that everyone can experiment with the techniques presented and practice them. The techniques will include:

  • Using chat, polls, and breakout rooms effectively
  • Exploring Mentimeter (real-time quiz and wordcloud functions)
  • Playing with Zoom and Miro whiteboards

This will not be a technical workshop teaching you how to use these functions (although we can sign-post you to videos that can walk you through that). Rather, we will experience these different functions and discuss when and how to use them for the best results.

You will leave this workshop having experienced a few uses of each of the functions mentioned above. You will also have top tips of how to make the best use of them with your team.

The session will take place on Zoom as that is the platform the Foundation uses but the techniques used will be applicable to other platforms such as Teams and Google Hangouts.

This session is suitable for anyone in Pears grantee organisations. 

Facilitator: Shoshana Boyd Gelfand

Please contact Rachel Franklin if you or a colleague would like to reserve a place.

Once your place is confirmed we will send out joining instructions. If you are no longer able to attend please let us know so we can allocate your place to someone else.

Note: Shoshana is also offering one-to-one coaching to help you plan a meeting of your own and/or facilitate a meeting of your team using these techniques. You can access that either following this workshop or separately from it. If you are interested in this offer please speak to your grant manager.