Maggie Bergman



Maggie Bergman began working for Pears Foundation in 2009, bringing with her a wide-ranging experience in the third sector and a track record for effective delivery on complex projects. Maggie spent twenty years in publishing with HarperCollins before making the transition to the third sector. In recent years, she has worked for a number of highly regarded charitable organisations in London.

We’re a family foundation with unique freedom to make investment decisions. That’s why our projects and partners are so diverse. Pears is a happy jigsaw. Strategic philanthropy is more than just handing out grants, it’s about a deep level of engagement that goes beyond the money.

Philanthropy involves a constant flow of data. From awarding grants to tracking financial transactions and keeping precise records in our database, Maggie plays a pivotal role in the detailed operation of Pears Foundation. With such an extensive portfolio of current and potential partners, the Foundation is constantly engaged in the timely handling of complex information and documentation.

She is trusted by her colleagues for her organisational skills and diligence, but also for her discretion and diplomacy. To our partners she is a voice of wisdom, providing invaluable support and guidance as they nurture and grow their organizations. Maggie exemplifies the passion, professionalism and integrity of Pears Foundation.