Dina Gidron


Israel has incredible potential to contribute to global society. It has a strong culture of innovation that has produced advances in research, academia and entrepreneurship. We want to make Israel a better place for everyone; a country that strives to improve the lives of its own citizens, whatever their ethnicity, and the lives of those in need around the world.

Dina represents the Pears Foundation in Israel, managing strategic relationships with partners in the region and overseeing the progress of existing grants.

One of her primary areas of interest is Israel’s role as a global citizen. Reflecting the organisation’s belief in Israel’s potential to be a force for good in the world, the foundation is funding work related to international development and promoting greater understanding of Israel’s global responsibilities among the local and international community. From development work in Nepal to projects eradicating tropical disease in Ethiopia, the foundation is working to engage the community in a wider view of Israel’s role in the world.

In addition to external strategy, Dina also spearheads the Foundation’s work in addressing issues that affect non-Jewish citizens of Israel, another key element of the foundation’s work.

Dina was born in England and grew up in Israel. She holds an MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where she also earned her BA in Political Science and Geography. She joined the Foundation in 2010 after a long career in the Israeli business sector, then took senior roles at both the Jewish Agency and the JDC. Today she combines both worlds – business and philanthropic – providing strategic consulting to Israeli industry alongside representing Pears Foundation in Israel. She lives in Zur Hadassa, a community just outside Jerusalem.