The following case studies illustrate the breadth and depth of our partnerships and represent just a small sample of a diverse and varied programme of funding.

UK Task Force on issues relating to Arab citizens of Israel

Pears Foundation provided crucial support to the UK Task Force. In addition to co-founding and co-chairing our organisation, it provided invaluable financial support and investment as our key fiscal sponsor.  From our establishment to winding-down, Pears Foundation was with us throughout the journey and the partnership extended far beyond a traditional donor relationship.
Toni Rickenback, Director,
UK Task Force on issues relating to Arab citizens in Israel
Israel’s declaration of independence promises social and political equality for all its citizens. This ideal requires us to acknowledge and address the difficulties and hardships experienced by every citizen of Israel, regardless of their faith or race. The Task Force created a space for the UK Jewish community to understand and engage with this important issue and helped move it from the margins to the mainstream. I have loved the Task Force journey, which has been my most enjoyable interaction in the British Jewish community.
Sir Trevor Pears CMG

The UK Task Force was a time-limited initiative established by Pears Foundation in 2010 together with the Board of Deputies of British Jews, United Jewish Israel Appeal, New Israel Fund UK and UK Friends of the Abraham Fund Initiatives and closed in 2017. Its aim was to raise awareness in the British Jewish community of issues relating to Arab citizens of Israel and facilitate partnerships to advance the opportunities of Israel’s Arab minority.

Through its ‘Educate, Engage and Empower’ strategy the UK Task Force had a significant impact on the British Jewish community’s understanding of the issues facing Israel’s Arab citizens.

Starting with its five founding partners, the Task Force built a coalition of 39 member organisations, reflecting the broad support for its work across the Jewish community. Members were encouraged to engage with the issues through a programme of annual study trips, events, briefings and educational resources.

In 2017 the Task Force wound down as a standalone organisation, having achieved its core goals of awareness-raising and engagement.

The impact of the work of the UK Task Force’s coalition was extensive. Between 2010 and 2017:

  • Nearly 200 people participated on one of six study trips to Israel
  • Over 5,000 people attended educational events and sessions within the UK
  • The Task Force engaged over 3,500 young people
  • The Task Force facilitated over £2million in donations and funding from the British Jewish community to Jewish-Arab and Arab-led projects.

The Task Force’s work to engage the next generation was particularly successful. It worked with Jewish schools, youth movements and students delivering educational sessions and leadership training, creating tailored educational materials and providing consultancy. The core educational activities have been transferred to a new Education Office role at UJIA.

As a founding member and long-term partner, Pears Foundation set the strategic direction of the Task Force and provided core funding and residency in JHub to enable it to thrive.

The Task Force’s member organisations will continue to embed the issues relating to Arab citizens of Israel into their education activities and engagement work.