The following case studies illustrate the breadth and depth of our partnerships and represent just a small sample of a diverse and varied programme of funding.


The long-standing friendship and partnership between Pears Foundation and AfriKids has transformed hundreds of thousands of children’s lives. The Foundation’s progressive and supportive approach has always given us the space we need to innovate, grow and focus our time and energy where it is needed most.
Charlie Hay, CEO
AfriKids UK
AfriKids’ accomplishments remain a tremendous source of pride for everyone at Pears. Their achievement in delivering such a wide range of services to Africa’s most vulnerable children is a model for investment in the region.
Sir Trevor Pears CMG

In northern Ghana, where more than half of all families live in poverty and one in ten children die before their fifth birthday, AfriKids is a force for change.

Entirely locally-led, AfriKids’ programmes listen to local people and empowers them to make sustainable changes for themselves, working across the areas of education, child protection and healthcare.

AfriKids’ projects include the GAS Partnership, a unique health link between the Ghana Health Services, AfriKids and Southampton University Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust to provide skills sharing and continuous professional development for healthcare staff; the Family Livelihoods Support Programme, which provides women with micro-finance loans as well as business and life skills training to help them boost their family income and a UNICEF-funded programme to improve knowledge of, and attitudes towards, girls’ rights and child early and forced marriage.

AfriKids is one of Pears Foundation’s longest-standing partnerships and the Foundation has supported it since its earliest days, when it backed a small group of staff and volunteers to try and tackle some of the most complex and dangerous issues affecting children in Ghana.

Over the past fifteen years Pears Foundation has invested over £900,000 in AfriKids, over half of which was committed in the form of core funding, responding to the organisation’s needs as it has grown and changed.

The partnership has helped AfriKids flourish, and today it is internationally recognised as the leading organisation for child rights in northern Ghana.

Most recently, Pears Foundation provided capital funding to help build the Pears Mothers and Babies Centre, a critical facility providing life-saving support to mothers and babies at risk.