The 7th Dr. Yehuda Paz Annual International Development Day Conference

This week the Society for International Development , Israel held its annual conference at the Knesset

26th January 2018

The 7th Dr. Yehuda Paz International Development Day conference, took place on 23rd January 2018 at the Knesset and was opened with a special greeting from PM Netanyahu.

‘I consider the work of the Society for International Development extremely important, especially in working together with government ministries to build bridges to developing nations. Further, the society grants meaningful tools to private sector companies looking to expand into developing nations, and also initiates wide-scale public awareness activities within the Israeli public.’

Despite rainy weather, around 200 participants came together in the Jerusalem auditorium, in a show of strength for the Israeli development community. Among the guests and speakers were members of Knesset: Deputy Minister for foreign policy in the PM office Dr. Michael Oren and Deputy Chair of the Knesset Hilik Bar.

Speakers and presenters represented the public, private and nonprofit sectors, and made a strong case for revamping and expending Israel’s positive involvement in developing nations. It was particularly pleasing to hear from executives of the ministry of finance and major corporations, proving that, aside from the goodwill of all involved, there is money to be invested in projects in developing nations, and also from Rabbi David Stav, head of TZOHAR, who spoke about the Jewish connection to involvement in developing nations.

The conference concluded with a special ceremony honouring those who spend their life working in development. Winners included: 6 special awards for changing lives in developing nations, two lifetime achievement awards and one special award for exposing the Israeli public to issues in development via photography.

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Event photography by Benjamin Lapid