Navigating Organisational Loss

Two-part series. You must sign up for both sessions:

Monday 22nd March: 9:30-13:00
Wednesday 31st March: 9:30-13:00
on Zoom

Trainers: Alison Lucas and Lizzie Bentley Bowers, Endings for Beginnings

Over the past year, all of us and all of our organisations have experienced losses: loss of connections, loss of valued colleagues, loss of office space, funding and certainty about the future. Alison and Lizzie started their project, Endings for Beginnings, from their experience of working with leaders. They realised that fully attending to endings helps organisations create healthier ways of moving forward. So they developed the “Four Pillar” model of endings in organisations: Reality, Emotions, Accomplishments, Ritual.

This highly-interactive two-part workshop will help leaders:

  • Become comfortable and confident to work through endings in their organisations
  • Acknowledge the individual, collective and organisational losses experienced through the pandemic
  • Recognise the gifts and opportunities from the past year, turning energy and attention to the future
  • Experience and practice a framework to support their teams in relation to the above

Participants are expected to attend both workshops and to complete some reflective exercises between sessions. The facilitators will be available for individual support as needed, so that participants can apply their learning to their organisations and their leadership of them.

This workshop will be most suitable for senior managers, directors and trustees of Pears grantee organisations.

Please book your place for the first workshop and then return to this page to book your place for the second.

Alison Lucas of Randolph Partnership and Lizzie Bentley Bowers of The Causeway Coaching are professionally accredited coaches and facilitators, working predominantly at board level and across sectors. They are passionate about staying continually curious and paying attention to their clients individual and commercial needs and outcomes. Collaboration, shared experience and shared learning is a hallmark of their practise and they enjoy and benefit from the support and challenge they offer each other. Holding the pursuit of the best outcomes for their clients lies at the heart of their collaborations.

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