How to Read the Virtual Room (using the Kantor Four-Player Model)

Date: 15th March - 10:30-12:30

Location: Virtual

Prerequisite: None - Open to all Pears Foundation Grantees

Trainer: Shoshana Boyd Gelfand 

Do you ever feel like you’re always the one saying no in a meeting? Or that your ideas are always being rejected by the same person?

Does your team find itself unable to reach decisions?

Why do colleagues nod their heads “yes” when they actually mean “no”?

Have you ever sat in a meeting and thought “there is something going on here that is not being said”?

This interactive workshop will introduce participants to Structural Dynamics, a theory developed by Dr. David Kantor, an American psychologist who specialised in systems thinking and team dynamics. The theory posits that all interactions between people fall into four possible speech acts. Many communication problems occur when individuals become “stuck” in various sequences and patterns of these four speech acts. By “reading the room” and recognising these four speech acts and the patterns they form, leaders can help their teams to communicate more effectively.

We will explore Kantor’s theory, practice recognising some of the patterns, and then explore how the Four-Player Model applies to face to face and virtual  communication.

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