Storytelling and resilience

4 May 2021: 10.00 am - 11.30 am
on Zoom
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[Note: This session builds upon the “Telling your Story” workshop on 20 April, which is a prerequisite.]

Following on from the first workshop, Kate and Tamsyn will share Frameworks research that helps us think about the stories we tell about stress.

They will describe the effect of stress on the developing child introducing the metaphor of the “resilience scale” which assists people to think about how resilience can be strengthened. Participants will be invited to apply the resilience scale to their own organisational stresses and stories.

This session is open to all staff from Pears grantee organisations.

Led by: Kate Stanley and Tamsyn Hyatt, FrameWorks UK 

Kate Stanley is Executive Director of FrameWorks UK. She has spent her career working for social change – in international development, as Deputy Director of the thinktank IPPR, as an adviser to the Duchess of Cambridge on the early years and as a Board Director at NSPCC. She joined FrameWorks last year to help more organisations achieve the change they are seeking by telling stories that change hearts and minds. 

Tamsyn Hyatt is a strategic communications expert and has been leading the work of FrameWorks UK to tell better stories about issues like poverty and homelessness in the UK over the past two years.