Polarity Management

Date: 29 February 2024
Venue: Pears Hub (lunch included)
Time: 10:00-14:30
Facilitator: Shoshana Boyd Gelfand

Pears Hub
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Leaders tend to be excellent problem solvers but there are some problems that, by definition, have no solutions. This isn’t a failure of leadership; it’s because certain chronic issues are challenges to be managed rather than problems to be solved. Leadership in these situations requires “both/and thinking.”

This session will introduce a tool called Polarity Management designed for this kind of both/and thinking. It will help you better understand your organisational dynamics and manage the tensions that play out when managing chronic issues.

During this workshop, we will apply a polarity lens to problems such as:

  • To what extent should we maintain stability or push for innovation?
  • How do we allocate resources to needs at the frontline vs campaigning for change?
  • Is it more important to empower my team or provide clear direction?
  • How do we get the balance right between achieving our own mission and working collaboratively with other organisations in our sector?

These are all examples of polarities to be managed – not problems to be solved. Choosing one side of the polarity will lead to further challenges as both are important. Polarity Management offers a pathway where leaders can embrace both sides of the dynamic, with each choice strengthening its counterpart.

In this workshop you will learn basics of “Polarity thinking,” explore several common organisational polarities and create a polarity map for a relevant issue within your organisation.

Who is it for?
While open to anyone, this workshop is aimed at senior managers who are responsible for strategic thinking in their organisation.

Polarity management is relevant to every organisation, and the teaching of it is unique to Pears. It is one of our Pears ‘tool box’ sessions and we are the only organisation in the UK that offers this to civil society organisations. It is an extraordinary tool for learning how to articulate and navigate the internal dynamics of your organisation. If you or your colleagues haven’t done it yet please do book in, and if you have any questions please contact Lucy or Shoshana.

[Capacity: 30]