Managing Transitions

25th May, 10:30-12:30 Zoom
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We all have to learn how to manage transitions in our organisations and our lives in general. Although transitions can lead to improvements in our lives and our organisations, they also involve endings. In our desire to move forwards and focus on what comes next we often avoid attending to this part of the process or acknowledging the losses involved. From a colleague leaving to a role or project finishing or even an organisation closing down, we all have to manage endings. If we do this well then the transition to what follows will be better for everybody. This workshop will share a theoretical framework for leading through transitions, including the Four Pillars model developed by Lizzie Bentley-Bowers and Alison Lucas. By the end of the workshop, participants will appreciate how all change involves endings/transitions. They will understand the importance of attending to endings (including the “messy” bits), will have explored several examples of managing endings well, and will have a “road map” for navigating transitions – whether at a personal, project, team or organisational level. This workshop is open to anyone but will be particularly relevant to anyone who is currently grappling with an ‘ending’ or transition. Please note that the workshop is not a webinar. It is a highly participative seminar and therefore numbers are limited. All participants should log in from a place where they can have their video and audio on so they can interact and engage fully. Managing transitions was run for the first time last year and is now one of our ‘tool box’ sessions that we regularly include in our professional development programme. Please do not book if you participated last year, although we hope you enjoyed it and will encourage colleagues to sign up. This session is only open to staff from Pears Foundation grantee organisations.