Leaning into Conflict (Repeat Event)

22nd May 10:30-14:30 (including Lunch) Pears Hub Deadline for booking 24th April
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Facilitator: Shoshana Boyd Gelfand Conflict is often something that people seek to avoid, but it is part of the very fabric of life. Any time we navigate between our own needs and the needs of others, we must manage conflict. So learning how to “lean into” conflict positively is a crucial skill for anyone working (or living!) with others. The Thomas-Killman Instrument (TKI) was developed to help academics study conflict management, but it has now become one of the standard tools to help people understand their own approach to conflict and how they tend to react to it through one of five modes: competing, compromising, collaborating, avoiding, or accommodating. This workshop will offer participants a chance to complete the TKI questionnaire and reflect on their own approach to conflict. We will also explore why certain psychological traits tend to predispose people to use different modes for resolving conflict. Finally, we will practice using our non-preferred modes in order to expand our “conflict management vocabulary” so we can more easily use each conflict-handling mode as needed. You are welcome to attend this session as well as Daniel Wehrenfennig’s workshop on “Building the Muscle for Difficult Conversations.” They can function as stand-alone workshops but are also complementary for those who want to do a deeper dive into this area. This is a repeat event of "Leaning into Conflict" scheduled for 18th April. Please do not book into both events. This session is only open for staff from Pears Foundation grantee organisations.