Introduction to MBTI

6th March 2023: 10:00-14:30 (including lunch) Pears Hub
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Facilitator: Shoshana Boyd Gelfand Do you aim to finish tasks days before you need to; or do you get a burst of energy from knowing that the deadline is close? Is your notebook full of diagrams or words? When you’re brainstorming, do you prefer to start with a blank sheet of paper or with what’s been done in the past? Do you find yourself speaking your thoughts out loud or do you have to be encouraged to voice them at all? And how do you manage or report to a colleague whose style is completely different to your own? Each of us brings our different personalities to the workplace and these influence the way we communicate and work together. Whilst the ideal is a harmonious working relationship, we’ve all experienced personality conflicts and misunderstandings. We have found that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can be a helpful tool for understanding these differences, communicating better with colleagues and making the most of the strengths that different personality types bring to an organisation. Based on the theory of psychologist Carl Jung, MBTI helps individuals identify their preferred ways of perceiving and processing information. Developing an understanding of these preferences and learning to work with someone whose preferences are different can help  teams to work more effectively, deal with stress, resolve problems and make better collective decisions. MBTI can also help you improve your communication with others, motivate colleagues and create an organisational culture where all types can thrive. This is an open workshop suitable for all levels of staff. It will be suitable for anyone who is interested in understanding and appreciating how differences in our personalities impact our relationships with others. Each participant will be invited to complete an online questionnaire prior to the workshop. This will provide you with bespoke feedback about the way you prefer to function. The questionnaire is completely confidential – and optional. If you choose to complete it, the only one who will see it is you (and Shoshana as she needs to print it out for you). Introduction to MBTI is one of our ‘tool box’ sessions that we regularly include in our professional development programme. The workshop is designed for those who are new to the concept of MBTI, but you are welcome to join if you already have some knowledge of it and would like a refresher or to repeat the questionnaire. This session is only open for staff from Pears Foundation grantee organisations.