Introduction to adaptive leadership Two part session: part 1 online, part 2 in person

Part 1: 9 June, 10:00 - 12:00
Place: Zoom

Part 2: 20 June, 10:30 – 15:30
Place: Pears Hub (including lunch provided by Pears Foundation)
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Trainer: Shoshana Boyd Gelfand

This is a two-part workshop. If you just want an introduction to Adaptive Leadership there is an option to do part one as a standalone session (please email Rachel to discuss), but you can only do part two if you have completed part one.

Spaces are limited to 15 places and priority will be given to those who can attend both sessions.

“The most common leadership failure stems from trying to apply technical solutions to adaptive challenges” – Professor Ron Heifetz, Harvard University

Covid-19 has forced the entire world to adapt; but many of the adaptations we made addressed the more technical challenges that Covid presented (“Which online platform will help my team work from home?”) rather than the underlying adaptive questions (“What fundamental changes in our organisation’s activities and values will be required in order for us to thrive in this new environment?”).

“Adaptive Leadership” is a practical leadership framework that helps individuals and organisations to adapt to changing environments. It involves recognising the difference between technical challenges, which can be addressed by expertise, and adaptive challenges which require new learning and, ultimately, loss of the status quo.

The Adaptive Leadership framework provides tools to help leaders:

  • identify and articulate their adaptive challenges
  • mobilise people to overcome their resistance
  • sustain people through a period of change

Based on the theory of Adaptive Leadership developed by Dr Ron Heifetz, this two-session series will explore how you can build your capacity for leading adaptive change efforts. It is open to all grantees but will be particularly helpful for anyone who leads an organisation, team or a project.

The first session will be a 2-hour online module, introducing the basic principles of adaptive leadership. You will learn to distinguish between technical challenges that can be solved with expertise, and adaptive challenges which require a group to learn new ways of working. You will also understand the relationship between authority, power, and leadership.

Participants will be asked to complete a small amount of homework – outlining their own case study – to bring with them for the second session, a 5-hour workshop applying the principles to their own leadership case studies. This second workshop will take place in person at the Pears Hub in London so that we can “map” the case studies and provide feedback to one another’s maps.

You will walk away with a map of your own leadership case study, as well as interventions that will help you mobilise your team to solve problems together instead of expecting you – “the leader” – to do it for them.

Note: We can reimburse travel costs for participants coming from out of London. If you would like us to do this, please request it when you book your place by sending an email to Rachel.

By booking directly online, you will be booked onto both parts of the course automatically with the calendar file for Part 2 embedded in your confirmation email.