How to talk about what matters most

Date: 9th April
Venue: Pears Hub (lunch included)
Time: 10:00-14:30
Facilitator: Dr Daniel Wehrenfennig

Pears Hub (lunch included)
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After sharing about the importance of difficult conversations and how to normalise them and best prepare and train for them, DR Daniel Wehrenfennig is back in town to do a deeper dive into the complex web of emotions, assumptions, and identities governing difficult conversations.

Building on the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project and years of teaching and engaging with difficult conversations, Daniel will offer another very interactive and participatory workshop.

The workshop will explore the three simultaneous conversations of “blame,” “feelings,” and “identity” that are present in difficult conversations. It will offer some best practices for negotiating these different parts of a difficult conversation and disentangling them from each other.

Daniel Wehrenfennig is the Executive Director of the Center for International Experiential Learning (CIEL), an organisation that takes people into conflict regions to “build the muscle” for engaging constructively with conflict. You can watch Daniel’s Ted Talk, Are you fit for conflict?, here:

Who is it for?
This half-day workshop is for everyone who wants to build their muscle for difficult conversations but will be particularly helpful for those in management positions or those dealing with conflicts on a regular basis and/or who work in contested spaces. You don’t need to have come to one of Daniel’s previous sessions to join.

Daniel’s visit to the UK falls within the Easter holidays so we are running this workshop twice to enable as many people as possible to come. Please only book in for one of the dates.

[Capacity: 30]