The cost of living crisis

2022-10-31 12:30:00 - 13:30:00
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Speaker: Rhodri Davies Fears grow that we are facing a potentially unprecedented cost-of-living crisis, as fuel costs continue to rocket, interest rates rise, and policymakers struggle to keep inflation under control. But what will this mean for the charity sector? In this session we will look at what the latest research and thinking can tell us about the impact that tough economic conditions ahead may have on philanthropy and the work of charities. We will explore how the cost-of-living crisis could affect charitable organisations; what it will mean in terms of increased demand for their services as more people face hardship and poverty, and how charitable giving and philanthropy are affected by economic downturns. We will also consider what steps charities, funders and donors might be able to take – both individually and collectively – to address these challenges. Who is it for? This is an open online session for anyone with an interest in philanthropy, fundraising and the charity sector.